GIS Mapping

TGI leverages the latest innovations to give our clients a strategic edge in todays marketplace. Included within our package of services is the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an analysis and planning tool. 

Superior information is one of the greatest advantages to a buyer or a seller in a competitive market. Using GIS, we create a valuable relationship between land acquisition, property research, due diligence and site planning. When analyzing multiple properties across various markets, context is key. GIS can help to improve the understanding of property valuations by providing new information about the relationship of a property within the necessary context. With this in mind, TGI has built and maintains comprehensive GIS databases for the entire state of Florida as well as specific markets nationally and internationally.

GIS integrates hardware, software, and data for managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. Data such as property appraiser parcels, demographics, land use/zoning, government/political boundaries, retail locations and transportation infrastructure to name just a few. All of this data can be overlayed onto high resolution aerial photos to enhance the understanding of a property.  GIS also allows us to view, query and interpret data based on our clients criteria to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the marketplace

Whether it’s analysis for site selection or due diligence data integration between surveys, field studies, land planning, CAD engineering, etc, and final submittals to the governing agencies, TGI utilizes GIS to provide our clients a variety valuable services.

  • Some of the GIS services we provide:

    • Property Appraiser Maps
    • Site Selection
    • High Resolution Aerials
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Demographics
    • Identifying Large Land Owners
    • Heat Maps
  • Examples of previous projects:

    • Future Land Use and Zoning
    • Comprehensive Land Use Amendments
    • Marina Dock Reconfiguration
    • Billboard Site Selection Study, Orange County, FL
    • Unit Absorption Analysis
    • Retail Tennant Analysis
  • Additional technologies TGI utilizes:

    • Google Earth Implementation and Integration
    • Claritas Demographics
    • ESRI Business Analyst
    • GeoWebsite Development