Who We Are

Taylor Greentree Investments – TGI is a boutique real estate research and consulting firm.  We are dedicated to providing clients with an in-depth understanding of site and facilities conditions, current and historical, as well as comprehensive guidance for valuation, acquisition, site planning, repositioning, or ground-up development.  In concert with our due diligence assessment, TGI can evaluate simple cost-containment measures to address today’s changing marketplace or develop broader initiatives to bolster project entitlements and asset performance through improved site planning or cost effective repositioning of existing facilities.

TGI consults a wide range of clients, from small private-equity investors working on single assets, to large REIT’s and Opportunity Funds seeking institutional-grade portfolios.  We have assessed, and in many cases participated in the acquisition of, nearly all asset classes including single family subdivisions, apartments, senior housing, marinas, hospitality, retail, office buildings, performing and non-performing loans, shopping centers, F & B, and warehousing.  We have a significant history in environmental remediation and mitigation which gives us the understanding and tools to effectively engage local, state, and federal environmental agencies.

The long term success of our clients insures TGI’s longevity.  We pride ourselves on our due diligence prowess, and a keen understanding of the macro and micro market conditions, together with political forces, that shape the foundations of each real estate investment.  Push and pull P&L projections until you are blue in the face but they may mean very little if the core fundamentals of the asset’s market conditions are being eroded by unrelenting forces. 

TGI delivers superior due diligence and market analysis that can only come from decades of on the ground, in the trenches experience.  TGI principals have worked and fought through a medley of market corrections.  This experience and dedication to our clients lends to their success even in the most difficult of markets.  And perhaps most importantly to our clients; because TGI is not a closing-driven real estate firm, but instead a collaborative advisory firm, we won’t hesitate to counsel our clients to walk away from an investment that carries undue risk-to-reward.    

In the late 1980s to early 1990s, we focused on the disarray in the real estate markets resulting from the S & L crisis.  TGI principals participated in the due diligence and acquisition of numerous performing and non-performing commercial loan pools and auctions so we are accustomed to working within rigid time frames to develop a keen understanding of distressed debt assets made available through institutions like the FDIC, Resolution Trust Corporation, and troubled lending institutions.  TGI brings this unique knowledge and skill-set that compliments our client’s own investment and development expertise.

At Taylor Greentree Investments, we strive to deliver a superior client experience.