Derek Taylor

Mr. Taylor has over 33 years experience in real estate investment, brokerage, and development.  Over the course of his career, he has brokered, bought, sold, and developed thousands of real estate parcels, and small to very large loan pools with a total market value over one billion dollars.   As a senior director or partner, Mr. Taylor has directed multi-parcel acquisitions, very sophisticated due diligence teams, and grand land-planning ventures.  He has also managed large and small entitlement and permitting exercises, from small single-family subdivisions to large marina-resort projects with 1000’s of units. 

During the 1980’s, while managing a family-owned real estate and development company, Mr. Taylor co-founded one of the country’s first non-oil, non-military real estate GIS firms, D.M.S. Corp.  This was prior to the advent of CD-rom technology, and well before GPS capabilities.  Many of the public agencies and private companies in Central Florida got their first exposure to GIS and the ArcGIS platform through DMS Corp., including software systems developed for Orange County Public Schools, City of Apopka, Orlando Sentinel newspaper, and many more.  In the 90’s, Mr. Taylor founded Aderese Corp., a real estate research, consulting, and marketing firm which provided site selection, acquisition, and development support to private and public homebuilders, retailers, and developers.  In 2004, Mr. Taylor was made senior director of Acquisition and Planning for a start-up development company.  By the end of 2006, the company had acquired 1000’s of units and nearly 2500 wet slips together with a smaller portfolio of affiliated commercial businesses, and completed the year with $350m in annual closings.

Mr. Taylor has a broad background in land planning, market research, and land development, including sophisticated contract negotiations, critical analysis of environmental and mitigation hurdles, loan underwriting, creation of CDD and RDD districts, as well as a track record of successfully coordinating and directing project teams developing multiple projects throughout Florida and the Florida Keys, and in Las Vegas.  He possesses unique skills to identify, critically analyze, and develop program plans for efficient ground-up, redevelopment, and repositioning opportunities.


Erik Nelson

Erik attended the University of Florida where he studied engineering and urban planning. He is a certified Engineer Intern with 10 years of experience in real estate and geographic information systems (GIS).

Erik has experience with variety of aspects of real estate investment and development, including site selection, property acquisition, meeting with local government and agency officials, working with consultants and governing authorities in the preparation and presentation of submittals for developmental review. He also oversees all map building and data integration between surveys, due diligence field studies, land planning, due diligence, CAD engineering, and final submittals to the governing agencies. In this role, he has developed a keen understanding of the GIS relationship to land acquisition, property research, due diligence and site planning.