Our Philosophy

Taylor Greentree Investment’s philosophy is expressed in these guiding principles: 

Honesty and Integrity – TGI is creative in the way we look to exploit opportunities, and ways we look to help our clients, but having been exposed to too many “clever” endeavors or development schemes over the past few years, often with little or no concern for the end user, TGI has no interest in participating with or exposing our clients to short-term dreams or dreamers.  We strive to work with only seasoned and accomplished clients, and work hard to protect their interests.  Having suffered first hand by unscrupulous “visionaries”, we have a very low tolerance for charades.  Instead, we prefer a thorough and businesslike vetting of all that we enter into business with, and all that we expose our clients to.  We always invite open discussion and work in strict confidence but a bad plan for one is a bad plan for all. 

Trust – Do you remember when that was the benchmark for working with people?  Well, we think it still makes a lot of sense.  We maintain the highest ethical standards and seek compliance with current laws and regulations.  If we find fault in them, we bring them to the attention of our clients, and if necessary or beneficial, we work to have them revisited or overturned by the appropriate authorities.  We acknowledge mistakes and expect constructive disagreement, but in everything we do, we focus on the processes and our behavior to protect TGI and our clients, now and in the future.

Client is Job One – Our clients’ success always comes first.  TGI makes every effort to deliver flawless execution and goes the extra mile for our clients.  We deliver on promises but never promise what we can’t deliver.  We stress innovation, creativity, quality, and dedication and are always solutions-driven.

Superior Fact-Finding – We read, read, and read some more to stay abreast of the latest market conditions and hotspots for opportunistic acquisitions.  We look to multiple sources of hard data and anecdotal evidence to reach clarity of findings that too few seek.  We look beyond the real estate industry to develop a broader understanding of the forces driving each asset class, and their relationship and impact on the real estate markets and larger economies.  We offer practical guidance and up-to-date knowledge on pertinent issues affecting the real estate industry and asset class.

Stay in Front Of The IT World – At TGI, we place significant importance on our IT capabilities.  IT is a vital part of our business history and a crucial component of how we will do business going forward.   We have a long history with GIS, ArcGIS, and other advanced research tools.  TGI accesses foreclosures and other distressed property loans because we are always striving to accelerate our understanding of an asset’s history and vitals, and because we know this data in crucial to our client’s interests.  TGI employs the latest technologies, and continues to expand our relationships with other IT specialists.  TGI is committed to leveraging our IT know-how to benefit the client’s interests.

A Superior Experience For Our Clients – We are proud of the work we do.  We are creative, energetic, and know we have much to contribute.  We have lots of ideas and experience to share.  We understand risk management and operating efficiencies to insure a stronger competitive position for our client’s long-term goals.  We are not satisfied to stand on yesterday’s achievements; rather, we look to strengthen our performance day after day.  We offer objective counsel and fresh insights to help you achieve tangible results and sustainable improvements, whatever your investment appetite, and whether it’s prior to or post-closing.