How TGI Can Help You

  • We have carried out more than 100 commercial due diligence and consulting assignments.  TGI works with our clients to identify opportunities, and discover and develop relevant factors that influence value, now and in the future. 
  • TGI seeks to put our creativity to work for our clients, understand their needs, and form long-term relationships built on our hard work and understanding of distressed or poorly positioned assets, and our problem-solving know-how to take advantage of well-positioned opportunities in a continuously evolving marketplace. 
  • TGI works within our client’s budget to deliver actionable ideas to exploit an asset’s market position and a site’s hidden attributes.  From a cursory visit of an investment’s general market conditions and facilities condition, to developing a comprehensive evaluation including full due diligence, structural analysis with costs-to-cure, site plan improvements, asset repositioning, interpolations and financial what-ifs, TGI can do. 
  • TGI regularly assembles seasoned multi-discipline teams.  Our goal is to provide the client with a second pair of eyes and ears, to stimulate the engineering, architectural, environmental, development, and construction teams to deliver timely forensic and historical due diligence, and to evaluate opportunistic, and cost-effective land planning and development techniques to increase market appeal and asset performance.  TGI solicits creative dialogue from all team members to deliver a reasoned, efficient plan to improve the project’s delivery. 
  • TGI can find ways to enhance the project’s performance by utilizing creative and efficient site planning techniques, mitigating otherwise undevelopable acreage, revisiting common areas for maximum benefit, or perhaps capturing lost finished space or adding units through a broader understanding of development codes.  
  • TGI’s commercial due diligence services are influenced by our motivation to develop a keener understanding of the broader markets and asset classes. Our understanding of specific markets allows us to evaluate both development and financial projections in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We not only assess the merits of a specific site or individual asset but also the context in which the finished project expects to operate.  Without a clear understanding of the unique qualities of each market setting; it is impossible to arrive at an appropriate valuation or going forward plan. 
  • Numerous factors influence competitiveness within any given market, including: technology, latest customer’s likes and dislikes, new legislation, powerful investors driving the market, and the emergence of superior geographic settings and transportation corridors.  Each evolving trend needs to be considered and understood as they influence the future value and survivability of the acquisition. 
  • Operating P&L modeling may suggest high earnings potential but this data needs to be balanced against contrarian information to reach a reliable probability.  Greater performance may rely somewhat or totally on the development of new product-lines, additional units, capturing additional leasable or salable space, or entering new markets.  All assumptions need to be vetted against broader market realities, cost effectiveness, and the time required to deliver the results. 
  • Ultimately, the relationship we develop with our clients, together with the information they need to make confident decisions, translates into a less cumbersome, more efficient due diligence and development process, which saves our client’s time and money.